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My name is Yohann, I am French and I have always been involved in sport. I studied theoretical knowledge and practical skills of physical activities via a master’s degree.

I first worked as a Physical Education teacher in both north and south of France. Keen to travel abroad and to meet people, I then lived and worked in England, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Scotland. I have today combined my passions for sport and tourism by setting up my personal training company and developing running sightseeing tours in the attractive world city that is Paris. As a running guide, I love conducting my tours and sharing the stories of Paris’ and its many sights while running.


The first Parisian presages date back to the Neolithic that is around 4000 years B.C. but Paris was founded in the 3rd century B.C. by a Celtic tribe called the “Parisii”, who gave the city its name. So running in Paris is like getting in a time machine from the Antiquity to the contemporary city mainly via the Middle Ages, the French Revolution and the Restoration.

Famous for being a strong location during The Enlightenment (European intellectual movement during the 18th), Paris is also known as the City of Lights due to its pioneer position in urban lighting. You’ll be captivated by Paris at anytime running along both left and right Seine areas among buildings, monuments, gardens of that wonderful city that is a subtle historic and modern mix.

Closely located from the French Capital, Versailles and Vincennes castles, gardens & woods take part of Paris history as kings used to live here and rule the country from these stunning areas. You will therefore be able to also experience those amazing royal Parisian expansions.

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Running is the best way to exert yourself when exploring the highlights of Paris. You can run at anytime, you can easily stop for pictures or historic information during the tours and you only need running shoes to do it!

My tours – from highlights to quirky sights – are intended for tourists, professionals on a business trip and French nationals. The route tracks are adapted to beginner, intermediate and expert running levels. There is also the alternative to power walk the short distance tours!

Whichever tour you select, I will be happy to share with you local tricks, recommendations and tips!... Restaurants, cafés, flea markets, gig venues…

If you love running, exploring and learning about city sights, you will enjoy experiencing the Paris Go! Running Tours!

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